A trend is a type of style that tends to remain popular over several years. This is true of all areas including interior design and materials like tile. It’s common for many industry analysts to start looking for what will be the newest trends for a coming year in the months leading up to it. Some of the hottest trends predicted for 2024 include many types, styles, and colors of tile. If you’re planning on a remodel anytime in the next year, incorporating some of these trends will give your home the freshest look and the longest staying power. We’ll show you two of those trends in tile below – stacked tiles and curved accents.

Overarching Trends for 2024

Many trends are predicted for interior design each year. Some of these may have enormous staying power, lasting many years, while others may be more short lived. It’s very common for a lot of trends to easily interlock with one another, allowing you to layer several of them together. In this way, while some trends may directly indicate tile, others may work well with some types of tile – such as using tiles in hot or trendy colors.

Some of the trends expected to be the most popular in 2024 include using a lot of natural materials – such as natural stone – using lots of shades of blue and forest green, colors in general moving away from shades of gray, and a resurgence in industrial design. Architectural accents will be popular in all homes, and both square and rectangular tiles – which are easily stacked- as well as curved accents will also dominate many interiors.

What Are Stacked Tiles?

While the current trend is calling for “stacked” tiles, this isn’t anything that’s incredibly new. Many square tiles are often “stacked” in their layout, meaning that they are laid directly over one another, rather than set on point or off-set from one another.

Rectangular tiles, such as “subway” tiles may also be stacked or installed directly on top of one another, either horizontally or vertically. This look is often considered more contemporary as well as cleaner and more minimal in appearance than the traditional “running bond” or off-set pattern that rectangular tiles often take.

Stacking your tiles is a relatively simple and easy to install layout. You can use stacked tiles on floors and walls, such as laying oversized square or rectangular tiles in straight lines on the floor, or using traditional 3×6 rectangular tiles in stacked patterns on a backsplash or shower wall. By using these looks, you tend to have a cleaner appearance, which can help tie into the equally popular industrial look that will also be hot in 2024. Using metal accents that have a “pipe” style to them can help complement this look in bathrooms and kitchens as well.

What Are Curved Accents?

Curved accents will be hot in all areas of interior design this year, including tile. What this means is that while clean lines and square tiles will be popular, mixing them with a softened, curved accent will add some depth to the design. A curved accent in a tile may include a pencil molding, chair rail, or other curved border tile. Or, you can choose to use a feature wall or section of tiles that have a softer, rounded shape.

One curved accent that is being predicted to be very popular in 2024 will be the scallop. Scallop-shaped tiles have a curved top that creates a repeating fan shape in the area they are installed. Many high quality tile designers produce scallop-shaped tiles including Onyx France, New Ravenna, Lunada Bay, and Pratt and Larson. You can include some scallop tiles as an accent border in a field of stacked tiles or as a feature wall all by themselves to capture this look for yourself. 

Get the Hot Tile Looks of 2024

With so many hot trends to choose from this year, your biggest challenge may be deciding which one to use. Whether you love the idea of clean contemporary stacked tiles, or the idea of using curved accent tiles, make sure you stop into one of our showrooms. Our Design Consultants will be able to help you determine the right tiles to help you find the perfect look for your home. Stop in today and find these and other trendy tiles and design ideas that can help make your next project an on-trend success.