Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s often the first room you visit each day, and the last you use before bed each night. So when the time comes for a bathroom refresh or remodel, you want to ensure it looks and functions in ways that complement your lifestyle and your aesthetic. One way to determine the right tile for your new bathroom design is to take a look at popular trends. Tile trends often follow other interior design trends to help ensure your home looks fresh and inviting for the longest amount of time. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your bathroom project this year, consider any of these 2024 bathroom tile trends.

Black and White

Create stunning contrast with black and white ceramic tileIf you’re considering porcelain or ceramic tiles for the bathroom, and you want a classic design, you can’t go wrong with a black and white color scheme. Black and white bathrooms are very popular right now, and never completely go out of style either. This means that you can feel confident that your bathroom will hold its value and have universal appeal at time of resale.

Black marble is also very popular for bathrooms this year. Black marbles like Nero Marquina are trending everywhere for interiors, and this includes the bathroom. Mix this stone with a white marble to get a classic look, and meet the trend of using natural materials at the same time.

Natural Bathrooms

A solid wood, rustic bathroomNatural materials like wood and natural stone have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last several years. When it comes to the bathroom, having lots of natural material and texture in the space is an incredibly appealing design. Natural stone comes in many different styles, colors, and textures. Mix and match these materials with things like wood vanities or a natural sink to complete the look.

Marble is always a superior bathroom tileConsider using the same material over the entire bathroom to create a more open looking space. Stone can be traditional, modern, or rustic depending on the material and how it’s laid. Mixing sizes of material can help create different patterns and designs that add depth to the space as well.

Playful Patterns

Add interest with 2024 bathroom tile trendsPatterned tiles have been popping up everywhere lately, and with good reason. Just like wallpaper has been making inroads in other areas of interior design, patterned tiles have been fiding their way through many bathrooms as well. Patterned tiles can be formed from mosaics or from materials like cement and ceramic tiles.

Printed ceramic and porcelain tiles can add depth to an otherwise plain color paletteHaving a patterned gallery wall or a fun pattern on the floor of your bathroom can help create a more unique and eye-catching design. You can mix patterned tiles with other tiles, such as having large porcelain tiles for the shower walls in a clean design with a bold patterned floor or wall nearby. This can create additional depth and interest for the room, while also creating different effects for the room such as visually enlarging or highlighting an area.

Jewel Tones

Natural stone adds interest and amazing pops of colorIf you love color, you’ll definitely want to jump onto the trend of using some beautiful jewel toned tiles in your bathroom. Jewel tones have been trending for the last few years as well, with colors in all shades of pink, many shades of blue and green, and several deep ochres, golds, and reds showing up everywhere.

You can capture these colors in glass, ceramic, or stone tile, allowing you to find the perfect style for the space as well as the perfect color.

Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Blends of marble, stone, and wood bring a warm rustic feel.There’s never been a better time to remodel your bathroom. With the current trends emphasizing homeowner happiness in the space, you’ll easily find a way to create a bathroom that will meet all your needs, physically and aesthetically. When you’re ready, be sure to reach out and make an appointment with one of our design consultants so we can show you how easy it is to create the bathroom of your dreams.