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There’s nothing like glass tile when it comes to color, depth, clarity, and light. Glass has been used in tiles for centuries, and Tile Showcase carries an incredible selection of glass tile lines to choose from. This includes hand poured and cut glass with unique textures and color as well as color-backed glass tiles that can brighten and enhance any space.

Glass tile is one of the easiest tile materials to care for; simply clean it with your favorite glass cleaner as needed. This non-porous material won’t stain and can be used in showers, fireplace surrounds, and backsplashes of all types. Some glass tiles can even be used on floors either as an accent or as a full field to bring additional depth to a design.

Our glass tiles can be purchased in mosaic patterns or as larger field tiles. Depending on how clear the glass is, they may be mounted on mesh or the front of the tiles may be covered in contact paper to give you the cleanest installation without shadow or dimming of color. The tiles may have a 3D appearance to create a dynamic design, or they may appear to be smoother and more subtle in style. Glass tile can help reflect light in dark spaces, making those spaces appear larger and brighter; glass tile is ideal for helping maximize natural light in a room. This makes them the perfect touch for small bathrooms and kitchens of all styles. Come see our incredible glass tile lines today, or click on any of the below images to get a more in-depth look of some of our more popular lines.