Getting Started

We understand that starting a home design project can be overwhelming. We’ve laid out the typical process from selection to installation here for you, including some of the most common things you’ll encounter along the way to help you with your design journey. 

We have a vast selection of tiles to choose from including in-stock and custom materials to fit every setting and budget. Whether you’ve come in to find the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or you’re designing a new bathroom from the ground up, let us assist you in the process.


Selection & Design

Whenever possible, we recommend making an appointment with a Design Consultant. This will ensure you have the dedicated time necessary to get started on your project. When you come in, we also recommend that you bring all information about the area to be tiled that you have, including measurements, plans, and pictures. If possible, we also suggest that you bring in samples of selections you’ve already made such as cabinets, countertops, carpeting, or wall colors. This can help your Consultant narrow down your tile selections with you. If you have photos or images of designs that you like – from magazines, Pinterest pages, or Instagram images for example – bring those in as well. This can help your Consultant get to know your style and will help them guide you to the right selection. No matter what your project size or your budget, your Consultant can help you make choices that will have you falling in love with your design and your home when you’re finished. 

Finding the Right Tile

We offer a broad selection of different types of tiles in many colors and materials. They can range in durability, shape, color, size, price, and application. Some may be just right for your entryway floor, while others may be better suited to your backsplash. Your Design Consultant can help you determine the right fit for each of your tile needs, taking the guesswork out of the process. While we invite you to come browse our appealing and well-laid out showrooms, we also encourage you to make an appointment with a Design Consultant for them to assist you in finding the perfect material for your project. There, you can take the time to browse through our well-appointed displays, and get a feel for how different tiles, colors, and textures can work together. 


When available, we’ll gladly loan you samples to view your tile choices in your own space. We understand that lighting and setting make a difference, and that sometimes it’s hard to make a decision away from home. We do ask for a refundable deposit and request that samples be kept no longer than one week. In the case of our showroom sample boards, to be respectful of other customers, we ask that you return them within 24 hours. Please feel free to take photos of the tiles and sample boards as well, to help you make selections when samples may not be available. 


Once you and your Design Consultant have developed your plan, a formal quote  will be completed that clearly outlines your tile selections and design ideas. Please be sure to carefully review your choices; many of our manufacturers have strict return policies. Keep in mind that some tiles also have lead times, particularly those that are being made to order for you. If you have time constraints, please make your Consultant aware of this ahead of time. We want to make certain that you are 100% confident and satisfied with your selections.


There are several guidelines to keep in mind when ordering the right amount of tile for the job. Ordering too much or too little can both throw off your budget and your project, so ensuring that you order the right amount is an important part of the process.

Many tiles come in “dye lots” which means that material from one lot may not match what comes from another. Therefore, it is considered best practice to order all the material you need at one time to ensure it matches well. Due to the potential for breakage, as well as for cuts and waste, an additional 10% -15% of material is recommended for many orders, and complex designs, patterns, and large format tiles may require as much as 20% additional. Ideally, you do want a few tiles left over when the project is done to assist you with future needs such as new material or wall color selections away from home or for potential repairs.

While Consultants are happy to assist in things like layouts and patterns, they cannot help determine quantities needed. If necessary, speak to your contractor before ordering to ensure you purchase enough material for the job.


Ordering and checking the tile delivered to your home well ahead of the installation date is another recommended best practice. This will allow enough time to correct any problems that may surface. You want your tile in your home well before it’s due to be installed so that you can be sure that it’s all arrived, is in perfect condition, and is ready for the installation to take place without delay. Please keep in mind that special orders must be paid for in full at time of ordering, and due to lead times, it is recommended that you order all your material at one time, rather than piecemeal.

Inspection and Layout

When you receive your new tile, take the time to open each box and inspect the material inside. This can give you time to correct any potential issues such as material that may have been broken during transport. Remember that shade lots of tile can occasionally vary from batch to batch and from samples. It’s a good idea to have the contractor do a dry layout prior to installation, making sure to blend tiles from several boxes at a time. This is a process where the contractor will lay out the tiles in the configuration they will be installed in on a nearby flat surface to give both of you a good idea of how they will look once installed. By blending this way, your contractor can ensure even color distribution over the installation.

Be sure to check over the material before installation to ensure that it is what you ordered and that you don’t have any questions or concerns about its installation before it takes place. Careful selection and planning is the key to a successful design and project. We, unfortunately, cannot consider any claims after installation, and Natural Stone, Glass, Special Order and Sale items cannot be returned.

We welcome you to the Tile Showcase family, and look forward to working with you on your next design project!