Each year, multiple paint companies release what they believe will be the next “Color of the Year”. These colors tend to lead the way in trends for the next several years, and can influence other colors used in and around the home as well. This includes tile. Each year, many colors become popular for different tile types, such as marble, glass, or ceramic. This year is no different, with many popular tile colors working in harmony with several interior design trends from the last few years and this year as well. If you’re considering a new tile installation this year, and are wondering what some of the hottest tile color trends will be, be sure to check out these popular colors for tiles in 2024.

Popular Natural Stone Colors for 2024

Fresh new takes on classic marble tilesFor the last few years, there has been a big shift in interior design toward “natural” products, colors, and textures. This includes lots of earth tone colors, as well as an increased popularity in real stone. To this end, in 2024, we’re seeing a lot of really fresh new takes on some classics. White marble has long been a very popular material, and it remains so in 2024. Included in the white marble umbrella, however, are some new twists – white marbles that also contain other colors, such as Calacatta Green, Calacatta Viola, Persian Green, Banswara Purple, Skyros Gold, and Lilac White.

Deep earthy toned stones are also very popular right now. These include stones like Travertine Noce, Giallo Antico, Durango, and Cedar Brown.

Natural shades of color with soft shapes create a casual, rugged feel.Other popular materials may include classic white marbles like Carrara and softer shades like Botticino.

Popular Ceramic Tile Colors for 2024

White geometric tiles create depth and texture.Ceramic tile is also having a shift in color and shade this year. Neutral colors have been popular for the last few years, and are continuing to be so this year, with shades of beige, cream, tan, and linen all being great options. In addition, though, many interior designers are also leaning into pastels for ceramic tile colors.

Pastel colors are popular choices for interiorsPastel colors really emerged as popular choices for interiors in general over the last few years. Their popularity seems to be lasting, with homeowners and designers beginning to look at these colors for hard surfaces like tile now as well as soft surfaces and walls. Pastels have a dreamy quality to them that can transform spaces, which may be contributing to their current popularity.

Classic black and white tileFinally, a tile color combination that has long been a popular choice is also seeing a resurgence – black and white tile together. Black and white for both floors and walls is being predicted to be a very popular choice in the coming year.

Popular Porcelain Tile Colors for 2024

Porcelain tile trends are following stone and ceramic tile trendsMany porcelain tile trends are following stone and ceramic tile trends. For flooring, look for black and white porcelain tiles and patterns. Porcelain in large, small, and mosaic sizes in black and white combinations is seeing a big surge in popularity right now.

In addition, porcelain that mimics the look of natural stone – and the colors and textures that are popular in stone right now – is also a big hit. Look for porcelain in rich, earthy colors as well as in a blend of whites and off-whites. High quality porcelain that can truly mimic the look of stone – including its variation – is in particular demand.

Popular Glass Tile Colors for 2024

Glass tiles in a classic pastel blue backsplashGlass tiles are also following in the footsteps of many other trends this year. This includes softer, more pastel tones, as well as many shades of blue. Blue is one of the top colors of the year for 2024, with paint manufacturers showing off many different shades from light to dark, and glass tile seems to be moving in this direction as well. Many shades of blue glass are proving to be popular for bathrooms and kitchens. Blending different shades together is also a popular look for glass, adding a lot of depth and clarity to the design.

Get the Perfect Tile Color This Year

Patterned tile adds color and interest to this kitchen backsplash.Whatever your next project is, make sure you consider some of these popular tile colors. Choosing a tile color that is on trend can help it have the longest lasting results for your home. If you’re unsure of what tile to choose, make sure you stop into one of our showrooms, where our Design Consultants can assist you in finding the right tile in the right shade. Make an appointment or stop in today to get the perfect tile color for your 2024 project.