Come visit our new, beautifully appointed showrooms in Boston and Watertown!

One of the things that makes Tile Showcase unique and sets us apart from ordinary tile sellers is our luxurious, well-lit, and alluring showrooms. Tile samples and photographs can only tell you a small part of how a tile is going to look and feel in your home. That’s why our showrooms are designed to give you a better experience and understanding of the products you see.

From well-designed and laid out vignettes that let you see large fields of tile in a realistic setting, to beautifully designed sample boards that can show off tile accent combinations along with recommended grout colors, our showrooms are set up to delight your senses while showing you how beautiful tile can look. All of our boards and vignettes are displayed for easy viewing. No need to pull dusty boards from drawers or ask to see something hidden away in the back. You’ll get an instant idea of how tiles will look when properly arranged and installed, so you can more easily picture them in your project.

Each of our showrooms is staffed with well-educated and knowledgeable Design Consultants that are there to help you make selections and get the answers you need. While our Boston showroom, located in the Design Center, caters primarily to design professionals, our Watertown showroom is set up for both designers and homeowners to browse or receive design assistance from one of our Consultants. Call or stop in today to see our beautiful and award-winning showrooms and tile selection for yourself.