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Natural stone tile has a beauty that is unmatched by other materials. Natural stone is a general term that can include many different products including granite, marble, travertine, onyx, slate, and limestone. These different materials can all have different attributes, appearances, and needs, but they all come from the earth, quarried around the world before being cut, finished, and shipped here for your use.

Natural stone tiles come in many different forms from large, cut and polished tiles to river rocks mounted on mesh for easy installation. Many manufacturers also produce patterns using one or more natural stone tiles designed to fit together.They can be used on their own as field tiles, as decorative borders, or paired with other materials to create a stunning design. Depending on the stone and its mineral content, your tiles may have wild colors and patterns that can vary from piece to piece or within one piece, or they may be more uniform and consistent.

Depending on the stone and the application, you can install these products in many areas of the home. All natural stone should be sealed with an impregnating sealer before grouting and cleaned with a pH neutral cleanser to avoid etching. Some stones are durable enough for use in high traffic and wet areas, while others may be best used in dry wall applications only.

Due to the variable nature of natural stone, it’s usually recommended that you get a sample or photographs from a current lot before purchase, particularly for stones with more variable color and pattern, to make sure the color is acceptable. Natural stone cannot be returned, so speak with a Design Consultant about your project and your desires before ordering to ensure that the material you receive is exactly what you wanted. Come in to see our selections for yourself, or click on any of the photos below to get a glimpse into some of the luxury stone tile lines we carry.