Vendor Spotlight: LiLi Tile

Want something fresh and unique as well as eco-friendly and beautiful for your home? Then be sure to take a look at LiLi Cement Tiles. LiLi has been making beautiful, colorful cement tiles for more than 20 years, designed in the US and handcrafted in Vietnam.

Cement tiles aren’t fired in a kiln, so they’re much more sustainable than traditional ceramic tiles. LiLi’s tiles are created by artisans who create metal molds similar to cookie cutters that can be filled with the various colors used to create the designs. The tiles themselves are cured under pressure before being given a top coat with pigments, more cement, and marble dust, so they’re long-lasting as well as beautiful. Patterned tiles of all kinds are very on trend right now, and LiLi has many vibrant patterns to choose from. Stop in and ask our Design Consultants the best way to incorporate these tiles into your home.