Product Spotlight: Zellige Shower Tile

Zellige is a unique, handmade tile that originates from Morocco. These terracotta-based tiles have a thick clay body and an often uneven surface texture as well. Most zellige is designed to be installed without grout, making it primarily suitable for dry areas.

But zellige can be used on shower walls as well. When paired with an unsanded grout, the tight grout joints and the softly shifting surface texture and color variation of these tiles creates a beautiful shower display.

Zellige is available in 4” square field tiles, as well as hexagons and mosaics. These can be used alone or in combination to create a stunning shower wall display. Each zellige tile is unique and will feature a variety of color variation, as well as variations in shape, edges, and surface texture. This is due to the method the tiles are made – by hand – and is part of their charm, rather than a defect. Stop in to see our selection of zellige tile today and learn how you could use it in your shower.