The Scallop Tile

The best time to introduce a new trend to your interior design is when it’s fresh. This gives you the longest-lasting impact from the design. There are many hot predicted trends for interiors in 2024 and one of the patterns that is set to become one of the biggest is the “scallop” or “fan” shape.

Expect to see this shape everywhere this year from textiles to furniture – to tile! Many tile producers already offer this shape, both in equally on-trend materials like natural stone and glass and in several hot colors like forest green and many varying shades of blue.


If you’re looking for a way to incorporate this trend into your interiors, take a look at any of these beautiful tiles.


White Silk Polished Scallop from Onyx France is a beautiful natural stone mosaic in a muted, soft color. This tile can be featured on both walls and floors and will work well in numerous settings.

If you’re looking for a more pronounced look to the fan shape consider Quinn from Stone Impressions. These square tiles featuring softly repeating fan shapes hit several trends at once – square tiles, fan shapes, natural stone, and a soft blue color make this tile one that will not be forgotten.

If you want to get a fan mosaic tile in one or many different colors, consider the fan from Pratt and Larson’s Shapes. Pratt and Larson makes their tiles to order, and each of their Shapes is available in any of their many beautiful colors. Choose a bold forest green, or several shades of blue to mix to produce a beautiful fan design.

If you like the idea of combining the fan shape with square tiles, and want something a little different from the rest, take a look at the Flora series from Lili Tile. These square cement tiles have a classic look along with softly curving fan shapes that link together between tiles for a repeating pattern design. They come in several colors as well, so you can include them in any room.

Stingray from Lunada Bay Tile is a fired clay tile with a metallic sheen. This tile helps fit in with the also hot industrial trend predicted to be big in 2024. The metallic finish of these traditional scale tiles gives them a fresh, contemporary take.

Another option for natural stone is the Mermaid Scales from New Ravenna. This inverted scallop is available in several colors and is made from waterjet stone pieces fitted tightly together. Use it alone or as an accent in a larger stone field.