5 Tips For Professional Glass Tile Installation

Reflective. Translucent. Zen.

Glass tiles and glass tile mosaics can be found in tile installations dating back hundreds of years. With today's new manufacturing methods, recycled glass content, and fresh new colors and sizes, there are glass tiles that can work in any area of the home. Hand-cut mosaics, deep, clear colors and intricate patterns are just the beginning.

Below are 5 tips every professional and homeowner should know when installing glass tile.

  1. Glass tiles must be installed using a latex modified white thinset mortar.
  2. Smooth out trowel ridges to ensure a smooth, even installation with no shadows behind the tiles.
  3. Glass mosaics that are paper faced must be installed with the paper side out.
  4. Never butt glass tiles up against one another, as this can cause them to crack and compromise the entire installation.
  5. Always install a crack isolation or waterproofing membrane beneath glass tiles.

These are general guidelines. Please always follow manufacturers instructions.

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